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Matt & Megan with Porscha & Lola  

Rebecca, Leonidas & Apollo

Chloe & Lilly



Belinda & Dexter



Alana and Chopper

Chopper was attacked as a puppy by a large male american staffy, and since then developed anxiety around other dogs.

Chopper became very aggressive, especially towards male dogs, because of his fear of being attacked again. I could not take chopper out of his yard and feel safe in being able to control him, He was a very dominating dog.

This training has not only bettered our lives, but Choppers as well.
Read the full story by clicking on the image.

Gisella and Tessa

The council wanted me to put Tessa in a cage. She was not a 'Dangerous Dog'.
I had Sandra to my house and she helped me a hundred fold with my dog.
"She is a good person and excellent with dogs" more click image

Helen and Bridie

Bridie was unable to be walked, was fearful of people and very dog aggressive.
"Thank you for opening my eyes to her discomfort and for teaching me how to make her world a safer, happier place."

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Jodie and Tali

Our Rottweiler puppy Tali, at 6 months old resembled a tornado more than she did a cute little puppy!

What a difference!

Tali is now completely controllable, has stopped the constant struggle for leadership and we're able to enjoy a walk with her after only two weeks! If you have a dog that’s nothing but trouble, "take the time to call Sandra and turn your dog into an enjoyable pet again! It’s well worth it! "

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Kristy & Rocky

Rocky is a lovely, but very playful puppy. Rocky didn't understand that it is not ok to play with everyone and that people don't want to be jumped upon.

Rocky is still not a perfect dog but he has improved alot and with continual practise he is learning new things all the time.

"Naughty Dog School was the best thing we could have done"

For full image

Nicole & Meikas

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me over the last four weeks.

The information that I have learnt from you during Puppy School is so valuable and I'm going to train my puppy hard every day so that I have a well behaved puppy.

"No wonder that you are such a well known person, you do such a great job!" - .....Read More (Click Image).