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Alana and Chopper

Naughty Dog Class Graduate

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Previous Behavior Issue

Chopper was attacked as a puppy by a large male american staffy, and since then developed anxiety around other dogs. Chopper became very aggressive, especially towards male dogs, because of his fear of being attacked again.

I could not take chopper out of his yard and feel safe in being able to control him, He was a very dominating dog. I knew when other people saw him being aggressive towards other dogs it also made them feel unsafe.

I joined this school in the hope of being able to take chopper out of
his yard for walks and not be embarrassed by his aggressive behaviour. I also hoped that Chopper would become less of a handful to walk on a lead, because he in fact, was walking me.

Resolved Issue

Since attending Naughty dog school, Chopper has achieved things I didn't think he would be capable of.

Not only have we managed to control Chopper on a lead without him pulling. But I am able to socialise around other dogs without the aggression he once

Chopper does not feel threatened by other dogs like he once did, he is becoming aware that going for walks is a safe and happy event and not the scary nightmare he once thought it was.

Through the help of the staff at Naughty Dog School, my partner and I have learnt how to train our dog safely and effectively.

This training has not only bettered our lives, but Choppers as well.

Naughty Dog School is something I would recommend to anyone struggling with a misbehaving or aggressive dog. It doesn't have to be that way. You and your dog just need a little training. Thanks to those from Naughty Dog School.

Alana, Wade and Chopper Wollongong NSW